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Wholistic Coaching With Titus Glenn

Meet The Founder

Sound Healer and Life Coach

Titus Glenn, an experienced worship leader with two decades of service, has undergone a profound spiritual awakening, evolving into a conscious worship leader. As a gifted singer, songwriter, and music creator, Titus passionately creates transformative atmospheres, acting as a conduit for internal healing and personal transformation.

Drawing from his spiritual journey, Titus recognizes the profound impact of a consistent spiritual practice. He utilizes his unique talents, including light language, songwriting, and music, to support others on their healing journey. His mission is to guide individuals toward wholeness and self-discovery.

Titus is also on the path to completing a master's in counseling and is currently enrolled in an ordination program for spiritual consciousness under the esteemed guidance of Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant. Titus Glenn is dedicated to sharing his gifts with the Insight Timer community, contributing to the collective pursuit of inner peace and enlightenment


What I Specialize In


For Healing

Life Talk Sessions

Sound Baths

Navigate Your Healing Path with the Power of Sound and Self-Discovery. Unite Sound Baths, Thoughtful Conversations, and Songwriting for Emotional Healing to Reveal Your True Self. Begin Your Authentic Journey Today.

The Sound Bath Was So Relaxing and the time just felt like it went by.

- Paul Williams

After the sound bath I felt a resolve over a couple of things that had been laying heavy on my heart. I felt lighter.

- Avery R. Young

Talking with Titus has brought so much insight to changes I needed to make in my personal life.

- Lacretia Hall

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